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Updated - 01/28/08

Tim's Favorite Resources 

Garden Resources


"A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.." - James Russell Lowell


Garden Links


Territorial Seed Catalog

Graceful Gardens

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden

Great Plant Escape

The Backyard Gardener

Home Harvest® Garden Supply

Garden Time Online

National Gardening

Bloomington Wholesale Garden Supply

Kids Gardening

Home and Garden TV - Garden

Kids' Corner Gardening

Gardening & Horticulture - CSU

Garden Time Online

The Gardener's Network

ivillage Garden Web

LookSmart Gardening Links



Easy to Grow

Dave's Garden

Kim's Garden

Horticulture Information - U. of Wis.

Plant Finder - MBG

Local Resources

Local Nurseries

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Nurseries in Western Region

Master Gardener Resources

Washington Nurseries

Northwest Gardening

Specialty-Nurseries.Com in Washington

Gardening In Western Washington

Molbaks Garden Supplies

Slugs and Salal

Hayes Nursery

Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening

Sky Nursery

Northwest Gardening Connection

Bellevue Nursery

Gardening With Cisco - KING TV

Thorsett Landscaping Nursery

Elisabeth C. Miller Horticultural Library

Emery's Garden

Lake Wilderness Arboretum

Furney's Nursery

Washington Native Plant Society

Swansons Nursery

WSU Puallup

Tom's Nursery - Puyallup

Indoor Gardening

Container Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Garden Guides - Container Gardening

Indoor Gardening Tips

Container Gardening

House Plants Info.

Vegetable Gardening In Containers

How To Hydroponics

Hydroponics as a Hobby

Herbs Gardening

Comercial Resources

Herb Gardening 1

Sunshine Growers

Herb Gardening 2

Garden Time - Herbs

Container Herb Gardening

Insectivorous Plants Gardening

Growing Orchids

Insectivorous Plants

Northwest Orchid Society

DRAGON AGRO Carnivorous Plants

Orchid Growing Information

U. of C. Sarracenia flava

Orchid Growing Tips

Yellow Pitcherplant (Sarracenia flava)

Growing Orchids In Your Home

Easy Carnivorous Plants

The Garden Helper - Orchids


Home Gardens/Plants/Carnivorous Plants

Orchid Photos

Botanique -Carnivorous and Unusual Plants

Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia

Basic Growing Instructions For All Carnivorous Plants

Orchid Mall

Carnivorous Plants - Telford, Shropshire UK


Carnivorous Plants - Wayne's World

Marlow Orchids

Little Shop of Horrors

Orchid Works

Carnivorous Plant World


Pet Flytrap

Dave's Garden

Bug Biting Plants

Fantasy Orchids

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